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Life Coach, Energy Healer, Teacher, Author

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Rachel is an empathic Life Coach, Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master, and Mahatma Reiki practitioner. She studied the art and science of essential oils/aromatherapy and other modalities including acupressure and Shamanic techniques. Rachel earned a Master's Degree in International Public Health (MPH) and worked on maternal and child health project for many years.


Rachel is a professional Life Coach and earned her degree from the Newfield NetworkShe partners with clients using a Holistic Life Coaching approach (see below) to help them find ways to get  "unstuck" from and move forward with various issues, including: feeling disorganized, lacking a work/life balance, self-doubt, mental/emotional/spiritual blockages, struggles with relationships, among others. 


Rachel founded Integrated Healing Vibes to fulfill her dream of working as a healer, life coach, and teacher/mentor. Her unique blend of skills and experience allows her to access many tools from her "toolbelt" and tailor each session to what the client needs the most at that moment. 


Rachel was born to be a healer, connector and protector. She is known among her peers, clients and friends to be warm-hearted, caring, intuitive, and a good listener. She encourages clients to listen to and trust themselves, their intuition, and the universe!

​Rachel is a mom to one amazing boy (who was born a preemie and is thriving now! You can read about her story in the book: Her Badass Story 2), she is fluent in Spanish, and grew up studying many forms of dance including: ballet, modern, salsa/merengue and belly dance. Rachel also practices yoga, meditation and Qigong regularly.

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Rachel Kaufman Reiki Master Reflexologist Life Coach
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