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Last year, as the world shut down, I found myself spending more time helping others through teaching and offering energy medicine. I was doing my best not to take on others people’s grief, stress, and anxiety so that I could continue to be of service. Working with Rachel in weekly sessions, I was able to stay balanced and focused. She helped me keep my energy level high, and to find clarity in difficult client situations, so that I could best be of service to my clients. I highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for someone to provide a supportive, empathetic space to be heard, seen, and healed.

Mary K

Literally the most effective therapeutic sessions in my entire life!  I've been going to Rachel for almost 2 years now, and she is extremely gifted. I experience significant pain relief (not just in my feet and toes), increased energy and mental clarity after every treatment.  I love that she utilizes a unique combination of techniques (e.g. integrating crystals, aromatherapy, and the Amethyst Biomat).  Highly recommend  giving Integrated Healing Vibes a try if you're looking for a cleanse of the mind, body, and soul!

Jonathan H


This past year has been an unusually challenging one for me. My professional life was taking a tremendous toll on my positive spirit and I needed a major recalibration. Rachel was the gentle life force that I needed to reset. Throughout this year, I had sessions with Rachel that included life coaching, Reiki and reflexology. I walked in a stress ball and left with a nurtured mind and spirit. Recently, I was in crisis mode and knew that continuing with my current work situation was untenable for my mental health. Rachel expertly coached me through this with thoughtful questions. She set up a mind space for me to have a true epiphany while resting on the amethyst biomat. During this session, with Rachel's guidance, I became unstuck. I became empowered. I realized that I had choices. That night, I put my professional exit plan into motion.  Five weeks later...I HAVE A NEW JOB!  I am smiling again.  I am recalibrated.  Rachel and her gentle, magical ways saved me.

Debbie P. 

I just had my third session with Rachel and feel such gratitude for the way she has helped me re-connect with knowledge I always had. Her approach to our sessions are always personal and so very meaningful. She has a gift to see individuals for who they truly are inside and allows us the freedom to bring that being back to the surface. Thank you Rachel!

Amy R.


Rachel is very intuitive, caring, and creates a safe and calming space with oils, stones and music. I enjoy the combination of Reiki, reflexology, and balancing my Chakras. I really relish the Amethyst Bio-mat. I feel emotionally cleansed, energy unblocked and deeply relaxed after each session. Highly recommended! 

Nathalie M

I have felt such an immense positive energy in my life and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me! Rachel’s energy is so welcoming, as well as her home. After just two sessions, I felt great—my mood became more positive and I became more understanding of my life and my feelings. I highly recommend Rachel for Reiki and Life Coaching!!

Mendy S. 

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