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I am excited to offer up this amazing compilation book for which I wrote a chapter along with 11 other powerful female authors. Each chapter delves into a particular turning point or time in our lives where we underwent traumas and persevered. We offer up these stories in the hopes that our readers can see themselves reflected in some of them, learn from what we went through, and perhaps find solace in our company, to become a badass in their own right!

In my chapter - "A Birth Story: From Darkness to Light, Fear to Joy, and Everything in Between" - I share my experiences during and after giving birth to my son 11 weeks early. It’s a story I’ve been wanting to share since my son was born over 11 years ago, and I am grateful to have this platform to do so, among this amazing community of women.

I would be honored if you read our stories!

Click on the picture below to purchase. 

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