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 Life Coaching with Rachel

I am excited to start this journey with you! The first step is to book your free Journey to Balance in 2024 consult HERE, to determine which offering is best for you.


    Coaching offerings with Rachel include:

  • Life Coaching sessions: 6 sessions over 6 months period; or 

  • Bring on the Balance in 2024! program: This synergistic combination of life coaching and energy healing provides a safe  container for healing at all levels.

During each session, Rachel carefully listens and observes how and what the client is saying, and asks questions to reflect back how their words, emotions and actions may be affecting the outcomes in their life. This type of life coaching supports clients in finding new (and maybe better) ways of being and doing, and can lead to key "aha" moments that show them a new path forward.






Bring on the Balance! Mendy's testimonial:

I have felt such an immense positive energy in my life and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me! Rachel’s energy is so welcoming, as well as her home. After just two sessions, I felt great—my mood became more positive and I became more understanding of my life and my feelings. I highly recommend Rachel for Reiki and Life Coaching!!  


Is this program right for you? 

- Do you want to feel more empowered centered, and find the confidence to live your life to its fullest potential? 
- Do you want to improve your well-being mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually?

Even after one session, most clients report feeling:

>> Increased feelings of balance, calmness, clarity, etc.

>> More positive energy, motivation, and less "stuck"


If you answered YES to anything, then Rachel's coaching programs are right for you! Working together, we will explore what is stopping you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that you can get what you want and need!


Book your FREE Journey to Balance! consult TODAY to get started!

Bring on the Balance! Don's testimonial:

Before working with Rachel, I had come to take for granted a certain degree of stuckness in so many areas of life: relationships, emotional needs, (in)ability to react in a constructive way to my surroundings. This included feeling trapped in the chaos of my home life (with three small children) and a desire for greater physical touch in my marriage. It was like a series of knots needing to be untangled from one another.

During the program, Rachel helped me recognize the little undiscovered pockets of agency scattered throughout my life. What would appear to be an intractable issue or someone else's problem would come to life through her listening and promptings. I would see with new eyes the practical parts I had to play in living my life more intentionally. With her help, I was able to adopt small practices with great impacts: moving my body mindfully in order to get to a better space; being more vocal with my needs; and simply recognizing the degree to which fun and enjoyment had been de-prioritized out of my daily practice. Each little thing worked like a set of ripples in a pond to positively impact so many other facets of life and make them happier.

As a result of the program, I feel far less stuck. I recognize the harmony between seemingly disparate parts of my life and my own power in how I approach them, both interiorly and exteriorly. I am now navigating my life with a greater sense of emotional fulfillment -- and fewer medications. I am more aware of the things in life I can control and more serene about everything else.

Life Coaching Rachel Kaufman
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